Import and export air transport
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The goods that the customers of Blue Cargo, S.A. entrust to us are always handled directly within the organization. We always choose the most suitable flight itinerary, based on the rates, the delivery volume, the likelihoods of a strike and other contingencies.

We always aim to avoid transits, normally using direct flights, whenever possible.

We are responsible for confirming the effectiveness of the shipments with the chosen carrier. In case of discrepancies, customers will receive an immediate notification together with recommendations and alternatives.

The computer tracking system allows us to be on top of the situation of the goods at all times. With fluid communications between the different branches, we can carry out detailed tracking, which starts in the point of origin and ends at the destination.


Importation tasks are one of the basic pillars of the company. Customers can take advantage of the extensive experience of the personnel of Blue Cargo, S.A. for tips and assistance on everything regarding their deliveries.

Our sophisticated IT system follows the trail of the goods throughout transit without ever losing sight of them.

We are able to provide our customers all the support they need, starting with customs processes to storage, handling and delivery at the final destination, while also offering a tracking service for the goods from the place of origin.