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As part of our firm commitment to adapt to the needs of our customers and partners, Blue Cargo has increased its capacity up to 5,400 m2 spread across 2 modern warehouses. The grand opening of the second warehouse coincided with the company’s 20th anniversary.


More than 5000 square meters of warehouse in Coslada


Both buildings are located in the Coslada Industrial Park, next to the Dry Port of the capital and only 3 km from the cargo terminal and Customs Authority of the Madrid – Barajas international airport.


Coslada offers a strategic enclave in the logistics sector as it is located between the highways that connect Madrid with Barcelona (A-2) and Valencia (A-3), connecting the capital with the country’s main ports in the shortest travel time possible.


We operate our own temporary customs storage and VAT warehouses


We currently operate our own temporary customs storage and VAT warehouses, distinguishing us as a customs facility recognized as an AEO. We are authorized to register and issue transit documents, store goods, and serve as inspection points of deliveries. We are also an authorized premise for export commodities for exports outside the European Union.


In our facilities, we carry out all kinds of logistics services, from shelf and floor storage, to order preparation and picking using advanced software, loading and unloading large parts and machinery, container cargo, customs inspections and stowage of vehicles for export.


We have specialized machinery for every operation, with large tonnage scales, automatic shrink-wrapping machines, forklifts with various capacities, as well as cranes and hoists available on demand.


Furthermore, our warehouses have 7 docks, 2 ramps and several gates that allow trucks and heavy cranes to gain access inside the facilities for special operations.


Alarm and 24/7 video surveillance


Of course, both buildings feature a 24-hour alarm and video surveillance system 365 days a year. We also offer the possibility to set up a connection for customers on demand.

Our main activities include:


  • Storage for cargo consolidation
  • Loading and unloading of containers
  • Handling and tagging for department stores and large companies (El Corte Ingles, Amazon, Carrefour, etc.)
  • Order preparation
  • e-Commerce management for online sales
  • Transit document registration, temporary customs storage warehouse and other customs activities
  • Storage of vehicles in containers
  • Storage and regional distribution of household appliances
  • VAT warehouse management
  • Preparation of shipments for air cargo
  • Preparation of shrink-wrapped pallets for long term storage
  • International moves and relocations
  • Cargo weighing
  • Dock to dock

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